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Handyman in San Angelo, TX

Home Repair & Handyman Services

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Trusted Professionals

Our seasoned team is committed to providing excellent services to local San Angelo and the surrounding area.


Our highly trained contractors  are committed to being both quick and helpful for the entire duration of the job. 


No matter what the job entails, we work hard to deliver quality results across a range of services.

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When it comes to finding someone to perform home repairs, you want to be certain that the job will be done right. One of the first things new homeowners or property owners look for when something breaks or goes wrong around the house is a trustworthy and dependable handyman. Someone with experience who knows how to fix just about anything around your home. Just like a mechanic or doctor, a reliable handyman company is absolutely indispensable.

That’s where the San Angelo Handyman comes in. We are a  professional, full-service handyman company that has served the greater San Angelo area for years. During this time we’ve built a reputation for being hard-working, experienced, and accommodating to any special requests that our customers have. If you’re looking for a locally- owned business providing high-quality home repairs, you’ve found it with San Angelo Handyman.

List of Handyman services

painting contractors

Interior and Exterior Painting

Residential and commercial services

Looking for a fresh coat of paint to liven up the living room? Just bought a house that needs an exterior make-over? Regardless of the job or the size, our experienced painters are here to deliver the best results.

Carpentry Services

Residential and commercial services

San Angelo Handyman services employs the best carpenters and woodworkers Texas has to offer. Give us a call and find out for yourself!

drywall company near me

Drywall Installation and Repair

Residential and commercial services

Hanging drywall is an art  – don’t let anyone tell you different. You need a trusted expert to get it done right. Our seasoned contractors are ready to go whenever you are. 

Chimney Sweep and Cleaning

Residential and commercial services

Why would you want to spend Saturday covered in dirt in sweat trying to get your disgusting chimney cleaned? Leave it to us! 

Home, Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

Residential and commercial services

Most homeowners have a very particular vision when it comes to remodeling their kitchen or bathroom – as they should! A great deal of time is spent in both. Which is why we’ll go over each and every detail with you to make your dream a reality.

power washing services

Power Washing

Residential and commercial services

Walkways and patios tend to get moldy and dirty very quickly. Give the exterior of your home a fresh, clean feeling with a refreshing power wash.

Roof Repair and Installation

Residential and commercial services

Everyone knows that new roofs cost an arm and a leg. And it’s always worse when you don’t stay ahead of repairs. Fill out the form below and we’ll tell you exactly how we can help!

window and door installation

Window and Door Replacement and Installation

Residential and commercial services

Whether you ‘re building a new home or remodeling your old one, you’re going to need some help with windows and doors at some point. Our years of experience will make the transformation easy.

Deck and Patio Installation and Repair

Residential and commercial services

There’s nothing like enjoying a cool glass of your favorite beverage while watching your kids play in the yard. Whether you want a new desk  or patio built or need repairs to your current, we have you covered.

Wallpaper Installation and Removal

Residential and commercial services

Give your home a fresh new feel with some new wallpaper. Or do away with the wallpaper you have now. Either way, we can help. 

plumber near me

Plumbing Services

Residential and commercial services

Having to deal with the kitchen sink getting clogged is the worst. Luckily, we’re one phone call away from relieving you from that headache. 

flooring installation near me

Flooring and Tile Installation

Residential and commercial services

Our flooring professionals are adept at everything from tile and carpet installation, hardwood or laminate flooring and even linoleum or vinyl. Tell us what you’re looking for down below!

Electrical Work

Residential and commercial services

Our handyman services extend far and wide. We have excellent electricians on staff to take care of anything from electrical panel upgrades and generator repairs to low voltage wiring and outdoor lighting.

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